Who We Are

We are Cory and Kelly Morel – brothers with deep roots in the insurance industry and corporate partnership, where we have over 30 years experience and a strong network of domestic and international clients. Our father, Ray Morel, groomed us in insurance sales, marketing and ethical business management, while instilling the importance of keeping family values alive in implementing corporate vision. Reputed for our unconventional approach and having conceptualized several “industry firsts”, we continue to aspire to a level of service that caters to families first.

Our parents, Ray and Barb Morel, were the inspiration for the Morel Family Foundation, and the decision to launch it was one we made together. Although taken from us too soon, our parents were the living example of true humanitarianism; of decency; and of what it means to contribute something real to your community. Their standard is one we endeavor to live by, and their history of charitable work, with both organizations and individuals, is one we aspire to emulate.

And so, in honor of their legacy, The Morel Family Foundation was born – a dream we share with our families. Its goal is simple: to pay it forward by offering programs that in some way offer hope for young people in hardship. Our logo stands as a strong symbol of our values: the tree’s leaves in the shape of hearts, each one representing our parents and seven children combined. And like the tree, the influence of our parents is deeply rooted in the earth and in our hearts, motivating us to create our own impact in ensuring a better world for our children and the generation after that. Though we always strive to teach our kids the importance of giving back, it is they who often teach us what kindness and benevolence really means.

It all circles back.


We are committed to full transparency in earning the trust of the public with regards to our finances, process, operations and programs. In our mission to cultivate, expand and inspire young hearts and minds, we welcome any inquiries on our intentions or how our programs work. We believe in giving back, in inclusiveness, and in any initiative that promotes altruism and kindness in how we treat others.