Parent Program

This program targets disadvantaged parents acting on behalf of their children who suffer from illness or disability. Many parents are driven to give their kids a good shot at a decent life but have lacked the resources, or the stars have yet to line up in their favor. Perhaps they have been let down by a system that was supposed to help them. Perhaps they have found no success in conventional programs. Or perhaps their child has been bullied or had an ongoing, negative experience in a learning environment that has not supported them in the way they deserve.

Community Referral Program

This program is intended for young people genuinely in need but who are disinclined to ask for help themselves, for whatever reason. (A good example would be a child in your community who is a victim of bullying). If you know of a child in significant hardship, we ask for a recommendation letter as to why you think this person needs help, what inspires you about them and what you would like to see happen for them. We also ask that you request their consent before contacting us.

Magical Moments Opportunities

If your life has lacked color or a sense of aliveness due to hardship, this option will appeal. The objective here is to provide a positive, joy-filled experience for a much-needed emotional boost while encouraging a sense of hope for the future. Is there a trip you’ve always wanted to take, or someone you’ve always wanted to meet? A special event you dream of attending? Tickets you fantasize about getting? Run it past us.

Material or Practical Supports

Limited only by the imagination, customized gifts in the form of material or practical supports can change lives with even the most minute of gestures. A specialized mobility device or other appratus’ are among the possibilities if their provision revitalizes a young life.